Our Team

Putting Service back into the service industry


The Staff Your Event team is drawn from the diverse nature of our society.  Our singular commitment is to servicing our clients and guests to not only meet their needs and expectations…but to surpass them.  We strive to put the “Service” back into the Service Industry.

During the interview process, we analyze each candidate from the perspective of technical service as well as personal service. Common sense and intuition factor highly in our choice to invite candidates to join the Staff Your Event Team.  Personality and people skills play an integral role in creating the environment for a truly enjoyable event.

Once invited to join the SYE Team, candidates are invited to an orientation/training program.  During this time, we are able to more fully assess their abilities and skill sets to determine which events and clients are the best match. Training in specific areas is conducted to ensure that our levels of service are achieved.  New team members are paired with senior team members to shadow them and refine their skills.  Coaching and mentoring is an ongoing process in any business environment and is even more important in the service industry. Supervisors continually monitor performance so that our clients receive the best possible service.

staff photoIn rounding out the personalized commitment we have to our clients, we endeavour to select the most suitable people to contribute to the success of their event.  We strive to create an enthusiast environment for our team members so that they are able to perform above and beyond expectations.